Learn how to create fast performing applications that can scale linearly thanks to the in-memory computing technology of Apache Geode.  Be part of the impressive contributor community that is growing around one of the newest open source projects in The Apache Software Foundation!

Apache Geode is an open source in-memory distributed database recently released by Pivotal Software and accepted by The Apache Software Foundation as an incubating project. The technology was developed over 10 years as the core of Pivotal GemFire and powers the world's most demanding applications in terms of performance, and concurrent usage.

This hackathon aims to achieve 3 things for the Apache Geode community:

  1. Introduce new contributors to the Apache Geode community
  2. Test a wide scope of new features and APIs being contributed to Apache Geode
  3. Provide example applications to help inspire users how to use the Apache Geode technology

Pivotal Open Source Hub is challenging developers to show off what ambitious applications they can create at amazing scale using Apache Geode technology, and to contribute to the community while developing their applications.



Participants must reside within the fifty United States of America or D.C., and be of the age of majority in order to participate in the Hackathon.

Government employees and officials, and employees of Pivotal Software, Inc. and its affiliates are ineligible.

Your participation may require prior approval by your employer.  

Participants may be a single individual or team of two people.


1. Create and post a 5 minute demo video of your Apache Geode-based application

The demo video is the primary submission component for scoring.  Be sure to post it on a public Youtube or Vimeo channel. It should be 5 minutes or less, and provide the following:

  • A demo and walkthrough of your application explaining its features and benefits and its targeted user.
  • Along the way, explain how features of Apache Geode are used to implement application features. Explain how Apache Geode benefits augment application benefits.
  • Show utilization of Apache Geode by showing state and changes in your cluster with Apache Geode admin tools
  • Good production quality, a fun presentation, and timely submission will help you gain more votes during the public voting period.

Important note: Please see section 9 of contenst rules.  As part of your submission, you are granting ownership of your demo video to the contest Administrator, but not of the application.

2. Contribute to the Apache Geode community

Contributions to the Apache Geode community can be in any of the following forms:

  • Submitting or augmenting JIRA issues
  • Submitting pull requests for bug fixes
  • Providing access to the source code of your application as an open source project in a public repository, subject to an open source license

3. Participate in a “demo interview”

The demo interview is a 15 minute Webex interview with one or more of the judging panel where you demo your application and answer some additional questions.  The interview will be recorded, but will not be publicly posted. Similar to your demo video, be prepared to give a walkthrough of the application, explain usage of Apache Geode features, and show utilization of Apache Geode with administrative tools.

During this interview, you will be asked about any issues you had while using Apache Geode, and how you worked around these, and what kinds of contributions you made to the Apache Geode community.

4. Promote your work to win Popular Choice

The Popular Choice award is for the entry that recieves the most votes on the Hackathon website during the public voting period. The public voting period begins after the submission deadline. This award is separate from the judging critera for the Hackathon, and a team can win both the Popular Choice and the primary Hackathon awards.

To maximize your chances for the Popular Choice award, create a fun demo video with high production value, and promote your entry via social media.

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,342 in prizes

Apple Watch & Apache Geode hoodie (2)

Participants (an individual, or both individuals in a Participant that is a team) in first place will receive an Apple Watch 42 mm case with white or black band with an ARV of $599 and an Apache Geode hoodie (ARV $30 each).

Apache Geode Hoodie (2)

Participants (an individual, or both individuals in a Participant that is a team) in second through fifth place will receive an Apache Geode hoodie (ARV $30 each).

Apache Geode T-Shirt (2)

Participants (an individual, or both individuals in a Participant that is a team) determined to win the Public Choice category will receive an Apache Geode t-shirt (ARV $12 each)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

During the Entry Period you can enter (“Entry” or collectively “Entries”) by:

[1] completing an entry profile;

[2] working as a team of 1-2 members, develop an application (“App”) that uses Apache Geode (incubating) software to fulfill the Requirements defined below;

[3] submit a Demo Video of an app that is an original work not developed with anyone other than members of your team;

[4] show “community support” by contributing bugs, issues, and bug fixes to Apache Geode code as described below, and optionally provide open source access to your project in a public repository under an open source license and

[5] participate in a 15 minute Demo Interview scheduled after submission entry. All entry materials must be submitted by July 16, 2015, 11:59PM, Pacific Time. Demo Interviews will be scheduled after submission materials are received.


Sudhir Menon

Sudhir Menon
Pivotal Software

 Milind Bhandarkar

Milind Bhandarkar
Founder, CEO of Ampool

Henry Saputra

Henry Saputra
Member, The Apache Software Foundation

Roman Shaposhnik

Roman Shaposhnik
Dir Open Source at Pivotal Software

Judging Criteria

  • Ambitious Scope
    Demonstrating widest usage of Apache Geode (incubating) features, APIs, and capabilities.
  • Amazing Scale
    Demonstrated or proposed usage at highest scale in terms of data stored, concurrency, reads / writes / queries per second.
  • Innovative Idea & Experience
    Uniqueness and originality of idea, usage of Apache Geode (incubating) capabilities in creating pleasing user experience, and general business value delivered.
  • Community Contribution
    Number, quality, and impact of JIRA issues filed and closed as part of App, fixes or code contributions made in pull requests. Providing open source access to their app code.

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